We Insure

HCV’s - Trucks, Trailers & Tankers
Plant & Machinery
Private Motor Vehicles


Contingent Liability - R2 500 000.00
Passenger Liability - R2 500 000.00
Towing - R10 000.00
Locks & keys - R1 500.00

Excess Reducer

Reduces the calculated excess on the policy with the excess reducer amount.

Repatriation Cost

Covers increased towing and storage cost above the free limit.  Also provides for the transportation of damaged vehicles back to the SA border from specified African countries

Loss of Use

Covers the cost of hiring a replacement vehicle should the insured vehicle be damaged in an accident

Theft covers for Tyres, Tools, and Batteries

See You Right Roadside Assist

Goods in Transit - All Risk cover for your loads includes

Tarpaulins, Ropes, Nets and Packaging material - R 10 000
Debris Removal, Salvage and Recovery Cost - R 20 000
Freezer failure on request

We also offer, Public Liability, Personal Accident and Agreed Value cover.


Excess Reducer, Loss of Use Agreed Values, Goods in Transit

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